Nebula Sciences is based in the UK and the United States, we are a team comprised of Physicists, Rocket Engineers and Entrepreneurs. We set out to apply our minds to helping lower the cost of access to near space for all.


Co-Founder & Director - Sam Harrison

Sam is an entrepreneur and currently an MSc candidate at the International Space University in Strasbourg in Space Studies. He was previously part of Stanford University's High Altitude balloon team. 




Co-Founder & Lead Scientist - Kelvin F Long

Kelvin is an aerospace engineering, physicist, author and business entrepreneur. He is also the Chief Editor of the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Executive Director of the Initiative for Interstellar Studies, and a Visiting Lecturer at the International Space University. He helps to advise Nebula Sciences on a wide range of areas covering both technical and commercial opportunities.   

Marketing Manager - Pedro Gras

Pedro is a Masters Student at University of Bournemouth in the area of International Management and is also the responsable of run the marketing campaigns, website and social media of the company. He helps to advise Nebula Sciencies on a the particular range of Marketing.